Deep Space 9




Deep Space Nine is a space station that was abandoned by the Cardassians when they were forced out of Bajoran space. At first little was thought of this posting and the Bajorans, recovering from the deprevations of the Cardassian occupation, were happy to hand control of the station over to Starfleet in the shape of Commander Benjamin Sisko, a haunted survivor of the battle against the Borg at Wolf 385. His second in command is Major Kira, a survivor of the Bajoran underground. Their different backgrounds cause a great deal of tension when it is found that the Bajoran system contains a stable Wormhole to the Gamma quadrant.

However, the couple have learnt to work together in the intervening time as the Cardassians and the Dominion have allied with the obviuous threat to Bajor. The inability of the Bajorans to get behind a united government has also forced the couple to come to a working understanding.

Sisko's acceptance of the role of Emissary has also helped improve acceptance of Starfleet's role within the Bajoran system; Bajor is all-but ruled by the innumerable Vedeks - religious leaders who have made it their life's work studying the words of the Prophets who are supposed to live within the Bajoran wormhole. Starfleet Command is sceptical about the existance of the Prophets but it is clear that something lives within the weird environment of the Wormhole.

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