Personal Details

I was born in 1964 in Rochdale, Lancashire and lived nearby until I was seven when the family came to the Stockport area on my father's death, where I have lived ever since.


The Family

My immediate family consists of my mother, her second husband, my three brothers (my older brother is actually a half brother - his mother died early in his life), and a sister. The youngest brother and my sister are also half brothers - born of my mother and her current husband. We have now all left home.

My older brother was the first to leave when he was only fifteen when Mum, me and my next youngest brother came to the Stockport area. This was so he could finish off his exams. He started work with British Telecom and has worked in closely related companies ever since. He has a wife and three children - two girls and a son.

I have been at my current address for over ten years while continuing to see my parents regularly.

My next youngest brother has been working for one of the major high street banks since leaving school (indeed he left school to join the bank). After taking time off to study for a computing HND he is re-employed by the bank on the technical support side of the organisation.

My sister left home when she went to Leicester University in a successful attempt to become a doctor. She shares a home with her husband their dogs and horses, with no plans to start a family.

My youngest brother (who is only seven years older than my oldest niece:-)) finally left home properly to move in with his wife. They have two daughters.


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