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I have an interest in computing that has been nutured ever since I got my first computer back in 1982 - a Sinclair ZX81. This was soon superceded by a Jupiter Ace, which used the language Forth which was quite an interesting experience.

I kept this operational for five years when I bought a second hand Amstrad 1512. This lasted three years and was used for word processing, storing details of my library and programming using various versions of Turbo C and Turbo C++.

Eventually, in 1991, I took the plunge, and upgraded once more to a 386sx which was used for scanning and image processing. This meant moving over to Windows :-). Again, programming , using Borland's C++, and wordprocessing were an important part of my computer usuage.

I currently have a Pentium 120 running Windows 95 and machines running Windows XP Professional, which are used for a wide variety of tasks, particularly in maintaining this Website. In order to keep my hand in on the programming side of things, I have copies of Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C# and Web Developer in their Express incarnations. The computers have been successfully networked together to give access to share the printer and my broadband connection as well as sharing files between the machines. I also use the machines to maintain my personal websites, my younger brother's business site and the site for the Manchester Group of the RSPB.

On the Net, I participate in a number of Newsgroups - mainly Rec.arts.sf-written, UK.media.Radio4, Soc.history.what-if, Isaac.Asimov, Niven and Pratchett in the Alt.books hierachy and a number of of others on a less regular basis. I also access the web to search for information on particular topics, say on how to paint some of my historical models

Model Making

And finally, I like making models. Most of these are Science Fiction and Fantasy based, though I do have a number of railway based models. The models range from space ships - various classes of Star Trek ships and a model of Deep Space 9 from ERTL having pride of place through to figures. Along with these, I have model daleks from Doctor Who, and an X-Wing Fighter.

My major interest consists in constructing the various kits supplied by Games Workshop for use in their Role-playing games, though I don't generally play the games. Where relevant, I try and assemble the models into diaramas. Click here to see some samples of my models


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